“Vernovis is a true business partner. All dealings are positive, professional and ethical. Many thanks to finding a transparent partner in this space.”

Director of Accounting
Professional Services Industry

“I am a senior level consultant with over forty years of business experience.  After retiring early, I was looking for project work to augment my income and allow me to maintain my skills and certifications.  My desire was to be represented by a contract services company that had integrity and character, where I could feel like a partner, not just a commodity. I have been with Vernovis for three years and they have exceeded all of my expectations.  We work as partners to ensure that our client’s needs are met.  It is a pleasure to be part of the Vernovis team.”

Senior Consultant/Former Director
Insurance Industry

“I had the pleasure to work with the Vernovis team during a recent search for a new opportunity. I value their partnership and commitment, as well as their honesty, integrity, and diligence throughout the process. They are true professionals who are vested in the candidate’s journey as well as the destination and outcome. I highly recommend Vernovis to anyone who is seeking a new opportunity in their chosen profession.”

Senior Manager Financial Planning
Retail Industry

“I have worked with Vernovis on several occasions and have a real confidence in their integrity, their team approach and their results.  I too am in a service business and recognize the importance of not just a specific result, but also how a particular service is delivered.  Based on my experience, Vernovis blends both together.  They are a pleasure to work with.”

CPA Firm

“Vernovis has been a great resource for me over many years.   I have worked with them in several capacities. I have used the services they provide for contracting short term resources, hiring a full time employee, and yes, even being a contractor for them.  In every instance, they have always been able to meet my needs.  For me, they are a trusted partner, who listens to the needs of clients and candidates, providing the best solution.  I will continue to use Vernovis for my staffing needs.”

Medical Manufacturing Industry

“It’s instantly apparent that everything Vernovis does is centered on their experience and integrity, and that they value relationships above all. Each person I interact with shows a genuine interest in knowing and serving me. Because they took the time and effort up front to thoroughly understand my abilities and interests, I was quickly placed in a job that was a perfect match for the hybrid Finance/Technology position I desired. I appreciate the sincerity in my relationships with those at Vernovis and know I can always reach out to them and receive nothing less than excellence.”

Financial Systems Manager
Service Industry

“I am a permanent accounting contractor who has worked with Vernovis from 2009 to present.  I trust their integrity and ethical way of doing business.   They have an amazing team who collaborates with employers and contractors to fill staffing needs interim, long term and permanent.  They are incredible people to work with and what really appeals to me is that Vernovis is selective.  I’m asked before being presented for a position and my resume is not sent out to any company that may need an accountant.  Vernovis has a different way of conducting business.   People are not just a resume – they are people first.  Honest communication about what a company needs in an employee is paired with what a candidate is looking for in an employer.  All parties are treated with genuine respect.  They will always be my first choice.”

Senior Accountant

“Recently, I had to reach out to Vernovis to help me fill 4 accounting positions in a remote location in a very short time frame. I had not worked with Vernovis in several years, but the relationship picked up where it left off. They were not only able to rapidly supply me candidates to interview, I was amazed by the quality of candidates they brought to the table. Being that the job location was in a remote, rural location, they had to actively network to find and screen the candidates, and they excelled in doing so. I would recommend Vernovis to anyone for not only their ability to bring good candidates to the table, but the value they place on a long-term relationship and not just the “transaction” in front of them.”

Foods Industry

“Working with Vernovis provided much needed flexibility and capacity. With one phone call Vernovis evaluated our need, and sent out the perfect consultant to assist in the project. What was originally a 3-4 week project, resulted in the creation of a position for this consultant to join our team full time. For any future consulting or full-time needs, Vernovis is my firm of choice.”

Finance Director
Marketing Industry