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Working with Jenny and Brad was very enjoyable. They were very concerned about me and my needs. My placement was never about filling a position to earn a commission or met a quota, it was always about matching my skills and needs with that of their business client. This was a difference maker for me.

Jamie, Business Analyst

The staff has been an absolute pleasure to work with and the opportunity presented to me was nothing short of amazing.

Bill, Service Desk Analyst

You bring clients and consultants together. You find clients that I would not find on my own and facilitate a productive connection.

Dave, CFO

I have been given an opportunity to expand my technical skills while earning money. I am able to contribute to the customer, but still am learning some as I go.

Debbie, Manager, Data Development

Vernovis has been incredible in finding employment for me and following up to see if I’m happy with my assignment. My down time has been at a minimum. They really are looking out for me.

Kevin, Business Intelligence Developer