Controller/CFO (46584)

  • Worked with all departments to craft a budget focused on improving profitability which drove a $1.4 million loss to $100,000 profit in less than 2 years.
  • Presented strategic plan for restored profitability to commercial lenders resulting in an increase in line of credit and needed working capital for 18% expansion in revenue.
  • Designed and implemented financial/operational plan for launch of new business.  Operated profitably from the very first year of operation.
  • Created new accounting and financial reporting system for multi-location company.  Designed package to provide financial statements by location, category and profit center, and a comprehensive job costing system.  Improved profitability by $150,000 in 24 months.
  • Created complete financial reporting system for 16 new domestic and 6 new international companies in the past 13 years. These included manufacturing, real estate management, wholesale distribution, and retail store entities.