Providing Talent When & How A National Fintech Company Needed It

Delivered Outcomes
with Lower Risk
Increase in Output
Time to Value:


When a locally headquartered fintech company needed a team with expertise in tax notices in place, they called Vernovis. The problem was not only filling those positions quickly, but the client did not have the capacity to interview, hire, onboard and lead the team. In addition, they wanted a partner with “skin in the game” to lower the risk and ensure successful outcomes.  Utilizing our Recruitment Outsourcing Solution, Vernovis filled the  team leadership role  within one week and filled 14 additional positions in less than 3 weeks. This engagement has been extended multiple times and has also resulted in several contract-to-hire placements of several team members.


The client had a significant backlog of tax notices to process to keep their clients in compliance with state and local tax authorities. The volume was unprecedented; therefore, they hadn’t planned this work and lacked the capacity to get it done.   They had worked with traditional staffing agencies but were unable to find a partner to deliver the quality and urgency needed.


Vernovis worked with the client upfront to understand their needs.  What was important to the client was finding a partner that was confident in their ability to staff a team, and that they were willing to take on risk and be paid on results. Vernovis crafted a Recruitment Outsourcing Solution to give the client fixed cost, and a commitment to targeted outcomes. Vernovis took ownership of the process to interview, hire, train and manage the team. A Team Leader was put in place within days to drive hiring and training of the team. The Team Leader also served as the ongoing manager to direct the work and ensure consistency and quality of all deliverables. This solution delivered measured outcomes for the client, increased their capacity to process the backlog, and took the burden off the shoulders of the client.


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