$100 per hour
Saved with Vernovis’ consultant
Predicted savings annually
16 month
Contract extension

Vernovis Provides a Custom Solution

The Challenge

Vernovis partnered with a long-withstanding energy and utilities, non-profit company, valued at $982 M. They required immediate assistance with their document management system and were struggling to find a solution that gave them everything they needed. They had outsourced the task, but were paying too much for a resource that couldn’t be there the hours they needed. What they wanted was a single, onsite resource to focus on implementing, training and customizing their software in order to establish a more efficient environment.

The Approach

Within 24 hours, Vernovis presented an onsite Software Management Expert, able to execute above all expectations. He utilized his extensive experience to complete a thorough assessment of the product, the client’s current state and the finalized needs. The company was able to depend on him as their all-encompassing resource to implement and roll out product enhancements. He didn’t stop there;

“he saw an opportunity to go above and beyond by enacting an agile process”

that only someone with his expertise and dedication could.

The Result

The company found such a benefit, in both results delivered and savings, they decided to keep the Software Management Expert for 18 months, as opposed to the 3 months originally planned. By working with Vernovis’ consultant, they saved $100 per hour and profited from a solution no one else could provide. The software expert increased efficiency across business processes, therefore generating more revenue. Due to his exceptional performance, they were also able to circumvent the need to hire two more resources, resulting in a total, predicted annual savings of $300-400k.

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