Case Study: Infrastructure

Estimated savings with Vernovis’ Consultant
2 weeks
To a desired solution
Investment remedied

Vernovis Provides a Cost-Saving Remedy

The Challenge

A well-established, $68 M engineering and architectural firm quickly expanded nationwide, with 18 offices. Due to this growth, they needed to provide remote-desktop solutions to their new offices. They decided to implement VMware Horizons View themselves, and unfortunately, experienced immediate complications. End users complained of video difficulty resulting in frozen screens, periodic disconnection, and inaccurately high host and guest CPU usage. In efforts to remedy the problem, they installed vROPS to track the health of their VMware environment. They felt this was a futile effort and potentially not configured correctly. The firm needed an independent expert to remediate and provide return on their expensive software investments.

The Approach

The firm tried going to VMware directly for a systems expert; they were given a list of names, who all sent over ready-made SOW’s, far outside of their budget. Only Vernovis could find the right expert for them. Vernovis’ consultant had multiple discussions with the firm in order to understand their current and future state. He then gained access to the environment and acquired a company issued laptop to have full insight into the end-users experiences. At that point, he decided to call the vendors directly for their knowledge of the problems. Once he had a full picture of the disconnections in the environment, he documented the findings in a remediation plan which he presented to the firm.

The Result

In just 2 weeks, Vernovis’ consultant

“was able to provide remediation for a $750,000 investment”

in Nvida Grid, which was never set up properly and therefore not being utilized. The issues experienced with VMware were directly related to Nvida Grid. He also determined that vROPs was installed incorrectly, causing the dysfunction. All of the findings were solved with a simple re-install. By using Vernovis, the firm was able to save an estimated $48k, as opposed to using a channel partner.


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