What my kids teach me about workforce dynamics Part 4 of 4

This is the fourth in a four-part series that will explore workplace personalities, and how different, unique strengths can be properly honed to achieve a balanced team.

So if you have kept up with my series, you know that we are exploring my kids as a study in workplace dynamics. So far, we’ve learned that I have a LOT of kids and that they all in some way mirror employees in a workplace. Click here to catch up, otherwise let’s move on to number four, and yes, final kid in the family…

Emmett is 7 months old. Yes, I am GOING to find a way to relate a 7 month old to the workplace. Really – at least I’m going to try.

Emmett is cool as a cucumber. Being the youngest of 4, he was born into a hectic household with some REALLY LOUD siblings. Nothing rattles this kid. Nothing. I’ve watch his sister Brecken use him like a stepping stone on the living room floor. His brother likes to wrestle him like he’s another 4-year-old. And at any point in time he is within 2 feet of a cage match over the family iPad. Fortunately, the kid is built like a tank, so he can take a bump or two. But what’s really amazing is how he handles it emotionally. He’s just happy to be part of the action. In fact, he laughs when the craziness is at its height. He doesn’t get worked up or react quickly. He just takes it all in and decides that everything is good.

Now, it’s a little tough to know exactly how he fits into the workplace because let’s face it, he doesn’t do much yet. I mean he is certainly an overachieve when it comes to eating. The kids eats like there is no tomorrow. He breaks all the rules on what you should or shouldn’t feed your kids at 6 months. He would try eat a porterhouse if I gave it to him. But what I do know is that in a work team, Emmett would be the guy making everyone feel like the project deadline is within reach. He would be the calming voice in the tensest moments of a team. He would be the person that would sit back, take it all in and say “We’ve got this”.

We all need these people in our environments. They are the stabilizers, the ones who know how to keep emotions in check and be that calming voice that gets everyone to the finish line. They are also typically great workers. They may not finish first, but they will not finish last. There is an even rhythm to what they do and you can always count on them to produce quality work. Often lost in the shadows of what is going on around them, they are often the only thing keeping the proverbial pin in the grenade when things get tough, making them a huge part of any successful team.

I can remember working with so many great individuals like this. In some work environments, they were often viewed as a little slow, OR not as “hard-working” as others, OR those people who “just get by”. They were not overachievers but always hung out in the middle of the pack. But on my teams, I saw them as steady, dependable, and playing a key role in the emotional maturity of my teams. We would not have been successful without them. And they were often the yin to my yang. Keeping me balanced as the leader when I was ready to stress out the whole team. I’ve learned to look for them and appreciate what they bring to the table. Finding opportunities for them to lead in situations where we need a little less panic and a little more methodical response to our issues.

So, please don’t overlook baby Emmett when you put your teams together. He might just be that little tank you need to pull everyone together. But word to the wise, increase your lunch budget, or he might eat your business under if you’re not careful…