Our Year in Review

Wow! What an incredible year we’ve had at Vernovis. We have an amazing team of people who have continued to build a company established around its values of Integrity, Collaboration, and Extraordinary Service – while achieving outstanding results in finding people jobs.

So many highlights to consider:
• We were named to Lead Magazine’s 2016 List of Emerging Companies in Cincinnati, OH
• We opened our office in Columbus, OH, further securing our footprint in the Central and Southwest Ohio marketplace
• We moved our Cincinnati office to a new, larger location to support the continued growth of our teams and establish a greater connection point with our clients
• We were named to the Inc 5000 List, recognizing the 5000 fastest growing private companies in the United States
• We were the presenting sponsor, and a founding partner of the comSpark Innovation Tech Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio
• And we added almost 50 new companies to our client base this past year….

Our team is rockin! I love everything they do! But here is what’s really cool, the lessons we LEARNED this year. So many valuable things that helped us to get better at what we do and challenged us to overcome obstacles in our path. To me, that might be the greatest part about the year as I sit down to review it all. Here are a few general themes I would give as our key takeaways this year:

1. Humility is King. 1 step back can equal 2 steps forward. Yeah, I know – that’s not how its typically said. But that’s been my experience this past year. So many things we did and decisions we made that failed, or at least fell short of expectation. But each of them was such a great learning opportunity and chance to get it absolutely right the next time. If used properly and analyzed carefully, each mistake is a building block that allows you to nail it the next time. The key is to keep reaching for the next time and learning from the last time. Every situation is a building block to something greater. Team Vernovis – Thanks for allowing me to learn a few times this year. I hope you would agree we are all better off for it.

2. People Matter – Always. This one is inescapable. Sure, it sounds cliché and par for the course these days, but I really mean it. We have encountered a few unfortunate circumstances in our Vernovis family this year. Real life stuff. The kind that leaves a mark. But what’s even more amazing is to watch people rally together and around those who are hurting. These circumstances cause all of us to reflect on what we truly value in life. And that can be a healthy thing. But the harsh reality is we have to work too. Without work, we don’t survive. So, why not do something you love to do with people you like and respect. We help people find jobs. That’s pretty cool! We embrace that and let it drive us.

3. Embrace Risk. Every person that chooses to join our team is taking a risk. I acknowledge that with every hire we make. How do they know we are who we say we are? How do they know we truly care? Frankly, do they trust that we know what we are doing? Every move is a risk. Whether as an individual or as a business, we must always take a chance to get ahead. Otherwise we end up treading water, which by the way is sometimes harder than just jumping off the hi-dive. Yes, risk is how you get reward. But risk also defines us as people and allows us to feel like we’ve truly accomplished something. I see this every time we decide to invest in our business. What initially seems like a stretch of our resources and potential fatal outcome if it goes awry typically turns into a beautiful result that leaves us to wonder why we didn’t do it sooner.

So these represent just a few of the many takeaways I have from 2016. There are so many more but that would turn into a long, boring post that most of you would stop reading. But allow me to conclude with the following thought: As you look forward, how will your 2017 define your next 5 years? Now, there is something to ponder on your 3rd eggnog…

Thank for supporting our company this year. We value and admire all of you who have chosen to work with us. Here’s to 2017!

Jason Skidmore is CEO and co-owner of Vernovis, a staffing company that works every day to live its values in every interaction. If you’ve followed him at all this year, you also know that he is often taught valuable business lessons from his children – which is scary when you consider they are all under the age of 11.