The Vernovis Difference

About Us

Vernovis is a boutique talent and consulting firm, providing on-demand project resources to leading businesses in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio areas. We offer mid- to senior-level talent and subject matter expertise in the Accounting, Finance and Technology fields.

Our clients are dynamic, leading companies. Our goal is to connect them with the in-demand talent that keeps them moving forward.

With Latin roots, Vernovis means “new,” “vision” and “trust” — words that embody just what we strive to be. We are passionate about offering a new vision of how to solve your critical project initiatives – a vision that puts relationship and trust at the foundation of what we do.

We have set a new standard of collaboration and integrity in consulting and staffing of your projects. So whether you’re looking for a new career or looking for the best talent for your organization, we invite you to begin a relationship with us.

What We Offer

We founded Vernovis in 2009, with the desire to offer a unique alternative to how companies acquire talented experts to drive their projects forward.

At Vernovis, we use a resource-based consulting model to deliver consultants for special projects and talent gaps in your most critical project initiatives. What is “resource-based consulting”? Put simply, you provide the oversight and direction; we provide the subject matter experts you need to achieve your project goals. We work with you to understand your project-specific needs, and bring you the resources to meet them.

Our goal is simple: build trust while helping you accomplish your organization’s most important initiatives.

While we are a young company, our team isn’t new to driving success in this manner. We bring decades of experience to work for you. Our founding and operating partners have worked in the staffing and consulting industries since the mid ‘90s, and clearly understand the fundamentals: find the right person with the right skills at the right time for the right project; while enhancing the experience for both parties.

Each of us wants to make a difference. That’s why we’ve built a unique company, based on relationships, experience and integrity.

When you work with Vernovis, you’ll see Talent You Can Trust.

Our Values

The team at Vernovis strives to give our clients and consultants the best service possible. Our core values fuel our decisions and guide our actions.

Integrity – an uncompromising commitment to honesty and strong moral principles.
Collaboration – a reliance on openness, knowledge sharing, focus and accountability to achieve shared goals.
Extraordinary Service – a fundamental belief that we are in business to serve both clients and candidates in ways that exceed their expectations.

Our Leadership Team

Bryan M. Kaiser

Bryan’s background includes 14 years of experience in the staffing, recruiting and consulting industry in Southwest Ohio. Bryan began his career as an auditor and tax accountant with a regional CPA firm.  This hands-on public accounting knowledge was a tremendous value when he transitioned into the staffing, recruiting and consulting industry.  Bryan had an immediate impact in the industry as he was given the directive to lead a local division of a large, well known, publicly traded firm.  Under Bryan’s leadership, the project resource and interim staffing business grew exponentially during his tenure.  Bryan’s client base included many fortune 500 companies, as well as small and mid-sized companies in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus area.  Bryan holds Bachelors of Science in both Accounting and Business Management from Wilmington College, where he was an NCAA All American Academic Athlete and was voted Captain of his college basketball team as a sophomore.  Recognized in LEAD Magazine and Venue Magazine as one of LEAD Cincinnati’s Great Leaders Under 40, Class of 2015, Bryan’s dedication to transparency, relationship, and integrity fuels his desire to be the leader that others are attracted to for connection and what’s real.

Jason Skidmore
Partner/Chief Executive Officer

Jason has been involved in the staffing, recruiting, and consulting industry for 18 years.  His business background and experience consists of multiple disciplines, with his heaviest involvement in the Accounting and Technology fields.  Jason previously worked for two large, publicly traded companies within the staffing and recruiting industry.  He was regionally assigned in Central and Southwestern Ohio, and also held positions with a multi-state revenue requirement and teams under his direction.  Several times in his career, Jason was called upon to build stronger operations in key markets and accomplished this growth through a focus on relationships with company, team, clients and candidates thereby bringing positive results to his operation.  Through this focus and dedication to building relationships and operationally sound organizations, his role was often viewed as a partnership to team and client alike.  As a result of his keen ability to connect with others, he has had success with small companies to large Fortune 500 companies in resourcing their talent needs to complete critical projects and support corporate growth objectives.  Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and International Business from Bowling Green State University.  Jason’s commitment to authentic leadership and strong relationships is the source of his success in the industry.